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About Me


Hi, I’m Emily.

Career Strategist, Travel Blogger, and Author. Because what millennial/xennial doesn’t wear multiple hats?


Career Strategy

Career Strategy As a lawyer with over nine years of experience, I successfully gained admission to my top law school choice, have received offers from 4/5 of the last positions to which I applied, and successfully negotiated multiple salaries. In September 2018, I started helping others formally and they have found success, too!


Creativity has always been a part of who I am. Before deciding to become a lawyer, I wanted to be a writer. After taking the bar exam I decided, “Why not do both?” I published my first romance novel in May 2015, entitled “Amelie and Ali.” Travel blogging combines two of my favorite things: traveling and writing.

I live in D.C. and enjoy good meals, wine, and sunshine. I know – I am a 30 something cliche but I’m embracing it.