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Emily Cammille is a lawyer by day and author by night. Inspired by her living experiences in France, Emily began Amelie and Ali in 2010. What began as just an idea in 2010, evolved into a love story. Amelie and Ali is a modern love story that will take you through the beauty of Paris and New York and on a journey of love. Emily lives in Washington, DC.


Amelie & Ali

ISBN: 978-1512300321

Published: May 18, 2015

On the surface, Amelie and Ali couldn't be more different. He was born in Paris and she grew up in the southern United States. But after a chance meeting on a flight to Paris, the two quickly discover that they are looking for the same thing—love. From the moment she meets him, Amelie views Ali as the type of man she's waited a lifetime for. In the city of light, Amelie and Ali develop an ethereal rapport where they navigate Paris as closely as they do one another. As unexpected neighbors in the 8th arrondissement, they uncover cafes, jazz bars, book stores, and markets together, where their love of Paris cultivates their love for one another. Paris's climate of cultural tension even invigorates their relationship, uncovering their similar identifies. But Amelie struggles to fully trust Ali as she has questions about an old friend of his. Ali's perfectly put together demeanor is further complicated by a demanding mother and a troubled brother. When the two return to New York, Ali's past brings their tension to a head. Amelie and Ali are left to decide if love is enough to move them forward.

Amelie and Ali
By Emily Cammille

I love this book! I found the characters to be developed, interesting and while I didn't always agree with what they did, the author did a great job of making you believe why they would. Pick up this book for a quick read, perfect for the beach or to travel with. And if you aren't traveling, the descriptions alone will transport you to Paris!

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