Naples: The best pizza of all time

IMG_1156IMG_1158IMG_1147IMG_1146Pizzaria PulliceniThis is by far the BEST pizza I have ever had so it merits its own post. I know some people read Naples and think it may be too risky, but this point of coming to Italy. If you have to risk it all for pizza (especially a second time), please do it in Italy. It's not like you haven't wandered into a convenient store at 2am to get a slice - which, all things equal, is a much poorer decision than wandering around Naples. The good thing is that Pizzeria Pulliceni is near Napoli Centrale train so you can make a direct bee line. Our cabbie was a local and touted this as the best pizza in the area and it did not disappoint.Let me try to  put into words how wonderful this is. As I've already mentioned in The Dreamy Amalfi, Italian tomatoes are worth an entire dish so the sauce on this pizza is perfect. And the dough - this is where so many people get pizza wrong. The dough is soft, almost buttery with enough elasticity to be slightly chewy but not dense. You don't hear what I'm saying. The dough  is perfect. Then the cheese. Apparently mozzarella should not be chewy hockey pucks - who knew? This mozzarella is scrumptious. Soft, creamy, and full. And the other toppings you might enjoy: spicy salami (which I loved and devoured), prosciutto, ricotta cheese, basil, the list goes on. In addition to fantastic food, the price point is unbelievable. We had two pizzas and two glasses of wine. It was 20 euro. I don't know, I think my pizza eating days are over until I see Naples again.