4 Beach Essentials to Make Your Life Easy


I don't know about you, but as I get older I need more things to make the beach enjoyable. Mainly, I need shade. I know, I know - the whole point of the beach is sun.  Well, long gone are the days I enjoy lying in the sweltering sun on a mere blanket. I can't live like that anymore...and I've been blessed with year round melanin. Umbrellas are the best. But if you're traveling locally, they're bulky. If you're traveling to a resort, they're expensive to rent.So, here's a list of my beach favorites for those of us who have a love hate relationship with sun/sand/and everything else the beach has to offer.

1. Clip Umbrella

We we just talking about this, right? This umbrella clips on your chair. Save your $30-50 per day at the resort and just carry this with you.

2. Beach Mat With Pillow

I saw a lady with one of these at the beach and thought "wow, some of us get more gifts than others." I don't know about you guys, but the sand is not the best pillow. If you love to lie on your stomach, sure. But what if you're pregnant or have a food baby? This mat solves your problem and I never go beaching without it.

3. Beach Tent 

Speaking of pregnancy and little ones, I think every parent should get one of these. If/when I have kids, I will not visit beaches without this. It has so much shade and I've seen babies stay quiet for hours lying in them. Although babies are cute, we know they're crazy so this says a lot. I have seen so many children have beach fits (pun intended), but not in these. Nope, happy as can be.

4. Flasks 

And for the pièce de résistance, plastic flasks are great for all of the water your going to be drinking on the beach (sarcasm intended). In all seriousness, I like to add water to one and spirited beverages to others. I also think it's funny that their name is "Concealable And Reusable Cruise Flask Kit Sneak Alcohol Anywhere" like we don't know what flasks are for.